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Ohio Marketing Team

Kim Craigie

Marketing Director

Kim Craigie

A proud Clevelander, Kim Craigie got her start in theatre at North Olmsted High School. Her first experience under stage lights was slightly traumatic; she froze like a deer in headlights. That day, she learned how to improvise, much to the horror of her fellow actors. She went on to continue acting in several plays, although she soon found a love for working backstage, to see what the audience couldn’t see.

Kim attended Cleveland State University, where she majored in Marketing. But her love for theatre found her using electives to take technical theatre classes. While pursuing her degree, she learned of a job opening for a Marketing Assistant at VLS. In 1994, she joined the VLS staff. Continuing her schooling part-time, Kim graduated with a BBA in Marketing from CSU in 1997, with a minor in Technical Theatre. In 1998, she transitioned into the Marketing Director position.

Random Fun Facts

  • Kim has a love for all animals; she has rescued cats, fish and pet mice. At one point, she had 31 mice; 13 of which were just a week old and needed multiple feedings daily through an eyedropper.
  • Kim met her future husband, Ron, in the theatre department at Cleveland State; it would take 16 years for them to get married.
  • If she could make a living doing anything, Kim would be found purchasing old homes to renovate and restore them to their former glory.


Direct Dial
Main Number/Extension
(216) 475-7991  (216) 475-7600 x222 kcraigie@vls.com



nanette sigel

Marketing and Accounting Assistant

Nanette Sigel

In 2011, Vincent Lighting had a need for a part-time receptionist. Nanette eagerly took on that challenge. Soon after, we realized how much of an asset she was to our company, especially with her exceptional organizational skills and knack for keeping projects on-task. Just three months later, Nettie (as she is also known) came on-board full-time. Her background in human resources nicely bridges a gap between marketing and administration, and she is a valuable assistant to both departments.

Random Fun Facts

  • Outside of work, Nettie likes to pamper her two Pomeranians, Angel and Isabelle.
  • She makes amazing homemade chocolates, which she lovingly lavishes on her coworkers on special occasions (although in our humble opinion, not nearly often enough).
  • VLS first learned of Nanette through her long-time friend – and our rental administrator, June -- who would regularly bring in some of the amazing chocolate that Nettie would make. What a great first impression!


Main Number
 (216) 475-7600 nsigel@vls.com



brian bernicken

Web Marketing Specialist

Brian Bernicken

Having discovered a love for theatre in the 3rd grade, Brian has seen lighting technology evolve, literally, before his eyes. He served as master electrician at Cain Park for multiple seasons and worked as technical coordinator at Cleveland Public Theatre before making his way to VLS in February 2002.

Starting off as production specialist, Bernie (as he’s come to be known around the office) has the unique perspective of having worked in rental/production, product, project and end-user sales. Now a part of our marketing team, Brian helps to develop content that will be useful and informative to our customers. When asked his favorite gel color, Brian responds, “E-Colour+ 749 Hanover Rose: It makes everyone look good and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. It’s cheaper than expensive facial creams and faster than Photoshop!”

Random Fun Facts

  • When he’s not poring over manufacturer datasheets or studying up on the latest gel colors, Brian enjoys recording music in his home studio and spending time with his family.
  • Bernie will never complete his Amateur Pilot’s License:  his wife gave him the ultimatum of airplanes OR guitars, since musicians have such terrible track records in small aircraft. She won’t even allow a “Flying-V” guitar through the door; however, fly-fishing is still okay.
  • His favorite brush with a celebrity was having pancakes with Alan Alda as a young child … or maybe having Luke Perry as a babysitter.