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Ohio Operations Team



Systems Specialist

Tyler WatthanaphandTo describe Tyler as an ambitious learner is an understatement; he earned his first IT certification when he was only 15! In fact, he loves all things technical, which explains his multiple certifications and experience in web design, search engine optimization, PC construction/repair and mobile device management.

Tyler joined our staff in May 2014, where he uses those skills to keep our company's systems working together smoothly.

Random Fun Facts:

  • Tyler is an avid photographer. This comes in handy, when we need product shots for our web store.
  • When he was in seventh grade, he installed an internal wi-fi card on an old laptop from 1999 -- and had to rig up an antenna, which he made out of guitar string, so it would work.
  • Tyler has his ham radio operator license; his call sign is KD8ZMM.
Direct Dial
Main Number/Extension
(216) 475-7999  (216) 475-7600 x228 twatthanaphand@vls.com