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USITT - Ohio Valley Section Meeting Minutes

Salt Lake City, Thursday March17

A nice group of Ohio Valley Section members gathered early in the morning for the USITT regional section meeting held at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City at 8 AM. Members from several states were represented.

Vice chair Kathe DeVault called the meeting to order and attendance was taken.

Karen Glass from Seton Hill reported on the scholarship program and its recipients: Jose Nunez and Joshua Quinlan. Two other students, Ryan Wantland and Jennifer Giangola, were awarded internships with Future Light. Karen reported that it was a very successful scholarship application process with many more applicants than in previous years.

Ken Clothier reported on the website, the Facebook page and the various modes that we were going to be using for communication in the future. He also announced that a communications survey was being sent out to the membership and encouraged everyone to fill it out.

Kathe DeVault then called on Paul Sanow, chair of the ad-hoc bylaws committee, who reported on the process thus far. He then promised that as soon as it was possible after the conference, that the membership would be sent the bylaws out for review and, ultimately, for voting.

Membership (coordinated by Paul Vincent & Kim Craigie) reported that we have 150 members in good standing. John Seaman provided a Treasurer’s report and the section is on sound financial footing.

Nominations were opened for the upcoming section and detailed the positions available. It was announced that Jeff Gress would not run as chair again at this time; Jeff was not able to be present at this meeting. Kathe DeVault was nominated for chair by Elynmarie Kazle; the nomination was seconded; and, Ms. DeVault accepted.

We then had a brief report from David Grindle executive director of USITT about the affiliation process. Advantages cited for affiliating with the national (as opposed to licensing the name of the national) were-- insurance coverage, liability coverage, nonprofit status, auditing of books, as well as some less obvious advantages. He thanked our section for our forward movement on the affiliation agreement, the bylaws, and the handbook. And, he apologized for taking away the coffee.

Applause and thanks were given to Paul Vincent & Vincent Lighting for supplying a light breakfast for those in attendance.

Melanie Mortimore reported on our upcoming Fall conference which will feature workshops provided by Cirque du Soleil. This will be held the Capital University in Columbus, OH in our usual fall conference time slot.

The meeting adjourned and everyone headed back to the conference and show floor.

As a side note, we thank the members who gave their time and efforts to set up the Ezekiel awards display on the show floor. It is a point of pride for Ohio Valley that we are exhibited at the national each and every year through these awards.