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About Vincent Lighting Systems

Founded in 1978, Vincent Lighting Systems has become a leader in the lighting industry, with locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

We're also online! Shop anytime, anywhere at shop.vls.com!

VLS technicians are highly trained in a wide range of lighting needs including performing arts centers, educational and religious organizations, corporations and special events.

If you are building a new theater, studio or sanctuary – or renovating an existing one – we can offer you professional guidance and lighting selections from the top manufacturers in the industry. If you need to supplement your lighting for a special production, our rental stock is one of the largest in the Midwest and well-maintained. We have thousands of popular lighting products and our in-stock inventory has the right lamp, gel, tape or paint, shipped quickly and efficiently, right to your door. If you need repair on a console, fixture, special effects machine or dimmer rack, our factory-trained technicians can diagnose and fix a wide variety of different brands. We also provide training on new lighting systems, or for new staff.

The right lighting for your event will make it memorable and beautiful. Trust our experienced designers and technicians to transform your gathering. TV studios and on-location shoots rely on the products and services offered by Vincent Lighting to make their broadcasts and footage well-lit. The VLS team is highly experienced in providing powerful and beautiful architectural lighting for building facades, coves, columns, bridges and more.

Contact Vincent Lighting Systems if you need to purchase, rent, install or repair a lighting system. You’ll be amazed at what the right lighting can do for your venue.