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Additional Benefits of LED Lighting

Additional Benefits of LED fixtures

Heat is always a talking point in any discussion of LEDs, but why does it matter? As with color filters, heat degrades lamp bases, sockets, shutter mechanisms, irises, even optics trains and access hinges. While LED lighting does generate some amount of heat, the fixture typically remains safe to the touch. The relative coolness of the light allows the fixture to be handled even during operation and to be moved safely immediately after use. Safety is also improved by the aforementioned reduction in power. There is simply less potentially deadly electrical energy present in your theatre. There is also less maintenance required, so there are fewer chances of an electrician fumbling a lamp cap, or dropping a gel frame from the catwalk as there are fewer reasons to attend to the fixtures in those locations.

The savings and benefits of LED technology can really add up quickly. If you want to lower your operation costs, expand your color options, and increase safety in your theater, now is the time to capitalize on a competitive market full of LED stage lighting solutions. Whether you’re planning new construction or renovating your existing performance space, talk to one of our lighting professionals to find out how LED can start working for you today.