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Key Benefits and Developments in Movers

Moving Lights at Event BreakfastAdditional Features and Latest Trends

Zoom focus optics allow the beam size to be controlled by a mechanism that moves the optics train in relation to the source and reflector. As the beam angle is widened, projected images appear larger and the multi beam prism effect opens wider as well. Focus controls also allow for softening and sharpening of imagery and beam edges. Profile moving lights exhibit the ability to focus to very hard edges, projecting extremely well defined images and sharp cones of light. The same instrument may be capable of softening the beam to the point of simulating the gentle edge falloff associated with Fresnel lighting fixtures.

For even softer beams, the newest automated fixture designs have introduced “wash filters”. These filters provide extremely soft edges to the beam, similar to the output of a scoop or a diffused Par can. Most manufacturers produce complementary spot and wash models of their fixtures; in recent years, combination fixtures capable of tight spots and wide floods have gained a foothold in the industry. These hybrid moving lights offer the soft light effects of wash fixtures but retain the ability to attain sharp focuses for iris and shutter framing.