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Additional Reading and Resources


Following are some books that we recommend for further learning. Many of these books are used in college or university classes.

  • Cunningham, Glen. Stage Lighting Revealed. Betterway Publishers, ISBN 1558702903.
  • McCandless, Stanley. A Method of Lighting the Stage. 4th ed. Theatre Arts Books, 1958.
  • Mumm, Robert C. Photometrics Handbook. 2nd ed. Louisville, KY: Broadway Press, 1997. ISBN 0-911747-37-0
  • Pilbrow, Richard. Stage Lighting Design. London: Nick Hern Books, 1997. ISBN 185459 273 4.


Vincent Lighting Systems stocks these products and also has other software programs available. Please contact us for more information.

  • Virtual Light Lab
    by West Side Systems. For both Windows™ and the Macintosh™ operating systems, Virtual Light Lab is an excellent way to experiment with color, angle and intensity by creating a lighting lab on the computer screen. Custom backgrounds can be imported and design ideas or looks can be saved or printed.
    by John McKernon. For both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, Lightwright is used to generate lighting design paperwork.
  • Moving Light Assistant
    by Andrew Voller. For both Windows and Macintosh OSX (Intel only) operating systems, Moving Light Assistant is used to document physical information in addition to programming details for automated lighting systems.
  • Vectorworks Spotlight
    by Nemetschek Vectorworks. For both Windows™ and the Macintosh™ operating systems, Vectorworks Spotlight is a CAD suite with previsualization and modeling capabilities.


Vincent Lighting Systems has experience in all of these aspects of lighting and more. We're here for you. Feel free to contact us with questions you may have. We'll help you figure it all out.