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Quality architectural lighting:

  • Provides a personalized signature for your building, unlike others in the skyline,
  • Highlights the unique architectural details of your property,
  • Displays varying color themes, which allow you to customize the look for holidays or to support local sports teams or special causes,
  • Creates a sense of place, enhances awareness and attracts attention to your property,
  • Promotes an inviting atmosphere, setting you apart from neighboring buildings.

Since 1978, Vincent Lighting Systems has designed, renovated and supplied thousands of entertainment and architectural lighting applications, including hundreds of exterior facades. Here is a sampling of different types of architectural exteriors that we have lit. Contact the professionals for a custom solution to transform your structure into a majestic sign that attracts attention and increases your investment.

  1. Bridges
  2. Horseshoe Casino Grand Opening Casinos
  3. PSC-Chandelier Exterior
  4. Photo by Matt Klasmeier Arenas
  5. VL3500 fixture w/bldg Offices