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Important Organizations to Know

We are invested in the following organizations, which enrich our knowledge and service to our customers.

Behind the Scenes
A non-profit organization which provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals when they are ill or injured.
ESTA MemberEntertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA)
A non-profit trade association based in North America responsible for creating some of the most important programs in the industry, including the Technical Standards Program, Entertainment Technician Certification Program and Rental Guard. Members invest in the future of the entertainment technology industry and provide funding to increase safety through the development of standards and certifications; educating members and providing business resources to increase profitability; representing the interests of the industry to government, regulatory bodies, and related industries; and raising the bar for ethical and professional behavior.
ETCP Recognized EmployerEntertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP)
A voluntary process by which a nongovernmental organization grants recognition to an individual who has demonstrated certain abilities, skills and knowledge. ETCP encompasses the creation of exams based upon identified bodies of knowledge, the conducting of those examinations, the awarding of certifications and re-certifying individuals.
esaEvent Safety Alliance (ESA)
Dedicated to promoting “life safety first” throughout all phases of event production and execution, ESA strives to eliminate the knowledge barrier that often contributes to unsafe conditions and behaviors through the promotion and teaching of good practices and the development of training and planning resources.
IESThe Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA)
IESNA is the recognized technical authority on illumination. The Society's 100+ technical publications were developed for all lighting professionals, from lighting designers to lighting manufacturers and lighting engineers, virtually everyone involved with illumination.
ILEAInternational Live Events Association (ILEA)
An organization of special events planners and suppliers whose mission is to educate, advance and promote the special events industry and its network of professionals.
TSP Investor in Innovation
Technical Standards Program (TSP)
The ESTA Technical Standards Program is the only ANSI-accredited standards program dedicated to the needs of the entertainment technology industry. The standards created under the TSP are used directly or indirectly every day by almost every manufacturer, dealer, installer, production company and end user. These standards prevent accidents, protect lives and property, save time and money, solve problems, inform the industry, and enhance creativity.
USITT logoUnited States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT)
This is an association of design, production and technology professionals in the performing arts and entertainment industry, whose mission is to actively promote the advancement of the knowledge and skills of its members.
USITT - Ohio Valley Section
This is the regional chapter of the national organization serving Ohio, Kentucky and western Pennsylvania.