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Automated Lights and Color

Automated fixtures, sometimes called intelligent lighting, also employ gobos and subtractive mixing, though the mechanisms vary from conventional means. In moving lights, color is created by way of single color filters or color mixing devices. Where single color filters are used, designers are able to access any single color from a color wheel that turns inside the light fixture. Color mixing devices inside the luminaire vary the incidence angle of dichroic filters to the beam, offering variation of each filter. The filters employed in color mixing are usually limited to cyan, magenta, and yellow though some manufacturers have begun using additional filters to produce better green transmission, UV light, and even a graduated dimmer filter to allow for intensity control of non-dimmable arc sources. Beam shaping effects such as frost, diffusion, and gobos are also internal to the luminaire, allowing concert lighting designers to access multiple gobo templates and wash effects via the control console. These attributes can be set to static function or animated with rotation and further filtered through prisms to enhance the visual spectacle.