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The Birth of Vincent Lighting Systems

During the Cercone-Vincent period, Paul continued to focus on the theatrical side, while Sam reached out to the film and video market. By the end of 1985, it was clear that the two owners wanted to grow the business in different directions. On January 1, 1986, Cercone-Vincent Associates dissolved. Sam started The Performance Group in Pittsburgh, which offered film and video sales and rentals (Performance Lighting and Production Services continued to operate under Sam’s new company), and Vincent Lighting Systems was born, as a manufacturer rep and dealer for theatrical lighting products and systems. Our company, now offering theatrical lighting rentals, also added production services. Joni Roecker joined our staff that month to manage the financial responsibilities of the company. Tony Wulk was hired as an inside person to coordinate rentals.

Paul Vincent, shown here in the late 80s, shows off the VLS logo. The yellow "V" logo has been in use since 1986.  Vincent Lighting Systems branding materials and brochures, circa 1987.Paul Vincent sports the company logo at a Cleveland Indians baseball game at the old Municipal Stadium.  Our move announcement to Miles Parkway in 1987. The title on front reads, "Progress is a Matter of Miles."