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Affordable Chauvet DJ Products Displayed At 2015 Vincent Lighting Open House

Chauvet ProfessionalChauvet DJ products were popular at our open house for their combination of useful lighting tools and entry-level pricing. Since everyone is talking about wireless control these days, it’s no wonder that there were so many questions about the Chauvet DJ D-Fi USB. It’s a wireless lighting control transceiver built into a USB stick. Once installed in their USB series fixtures, you can control the fixtures with any Chauvet DJ wireless controller. One of those fixtures is the Abyss USB, an LED water simulation effects light with dichroic color filtering. The effects machine creates a dynamic pulsating visual effect using two glass effects wheels. They also brought along the EZGobo fixture, a battery operated pattern projector for easy logo, retail or monogram projections. The fixture includes a magnetic mount and a drop ceiling scissor clamp. All focus operation is manual, but the unit can be powered on and off using the wireless IRC-6 Remote.