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Church Stage Lighting Ideas

Church lighting is an important aspect of your lighting design, planning and installation. Well placed lights should not only illuminate the interior but also help to compliment the architecture, be useful for setting the mood or tone and also be fairly energy efficient. The type of lighting used and the location of the lights all play a major role in setting the lighting for your church, the same way theater lighting does.

Church Stage Lighting Fixtures

Some of the best church lighting you can use include:

  • Spotlights: Highlight specific areas such as pulpits, baptismals, or choir lofts with ellipsoidal reflector spotlights or fresnel spotlights. ERS lighting fixtures provide hard beam edges and very directional beams, while Fresnel lights offer a softer beam edge.

  • Wash Lights: Flood lights and Par lights can wash large areas with intense light.

  • Moving Lights: Add excitement to modern worship services with these versatile lighting instruments. They're great for concert style lighting but are also useful when used as repositionable spot lights. Many even provde internal filters that give the beam the appearance of a wash light.Church Stage Lighting Ideas

  • Follow Spots: Manually operated follow spots allow the lighting technician to quickly adjust the aim and focus to accommodate roaming pastors, moving singers and lighting for special events. They also include controls to quickly change between a number of colors.

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Church Stage Lighting Enhancements

A good lighting design can provide a wide variety of enhancements to any house of worship:

  • Updating the look of your church.
  • Enhance video content for websites and home members; improve the results of photography and video.
  • Create excitement for contemporary worship and special events.
  • Substantial energy savings, using improved technology.
  • Draw attention to the history of the building and individual elements of your services.
  • Concert lighting will increase the intensity of contemporary worship.
  • Improve the versatility of your lighting system and increase its adaptability to special services and programs.

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