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Churches, temples and other houses of worship perform many functions. The right lighting can help set the appropriate tone between worship services, concerts, weddings, funerals, speakers and more.

Vincent Lighting Service technicians are specially trained in theatrical and event lighting, enabling us to create a lighting system for your house of worship that will provide flexibility and variation.

Whether your organization has a full-time technical arts staff or just a dedicated volunteer group, our sales team knows the right questions to ask to help you determine your needs and goals, while making recommendations to give you the best lighting to fit within your budget. With selections from 100 different manufacturers in the industry, we can select the best and most reliable lighting for your needs.

Contact Vincent Lighting Services to learn more about our church lighting services or for a free quote.

  1. Crossroads Church - Uptown
  2. ┬ęGeorge Burley. Used with permssion. The Chapel in North Canton - Martin fixtures