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Corporate Party at Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland, Ohio

This event, held at the Cleveland Museum of Art, used mostly uplighting, which gave a beautiful soft washes to the atrium as the daylight faded. The lighting also served to highlight the architecture throughout the area.

Fixtures placed at the base of the bamboo plants gave a warm, summer-night feel to the early spring party.

Finally, we provided the stage with some vibrant and saturated colors to highlight the speakers and entertainment. Careful placement of the fixtures ensured that the lighting would not interfere with the projections above the stage for the evening's affair.

  • CMA stage
  • Bamboo Lights behind table
  • Bamboo Lights overview
  • CMA Atrium overview
  • Evening
  • Evening - close
  • Evening - close
  • Plant photo
  1. CMA stage
  2. Bamboo Lights behind table
  3. Bamboo Lights overview
  4. CMA Atrium overview
  5. Evening
  6. Evening - close
  7. Evening - close
  8. Plant photo

About Corporate Party at Cleveland Museum of Art


Lighting Designer: Chris Shick

Photos courtesy of Dale McDonald. www.dalemcdonaldphotographer.com

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