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CMU - Entertainment Technology Ctr

Building Virtual Worlds Festival


Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) is a professional graduate program for interactive entertainment as it’s applied across a variety of fields. Pioneered by ETC co-founder Randy Pausch, Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) is a program which challenges students to work quickly, creatively and collaboratively. Part of the immersion semester, BVW gives small teams of students two weeks to create a virtual world, with new groups and goals for each round. It all culminates in a public festival to hundreds of spectators – and an incredible sense of accomplishment. In fact, many BVW ideas go on to become full-time research projects, student spin-offs and commercial successes.

For this festival, Vincent Lighting was selected to provide color-changing light for both the outside building facade and inside hallways, to enhance the level of excitement surrounding the festival.

On the outside facade, Production Manager Noland Jenkins chose Electronic Theatre Controls Source Four PARs with Narrow Lenses and Elation LED Epar QA lights. For the inside, Chauvet Freedom PAR Hex4 lights illuminated the hallway. A Source Four Ellipsoidal -- outfitted with custom Apollo Design glass gobos --projected the CMU logo, while a Clay Paky Mythos projected the decorative image onto the elevator doors. All fixtures were controlled with a Hog4 lighting console.

  • exterior long shot
  • exterior purple
  • exterior green
  • exterior walkway
  • exterior purple alternative
  • inside hallway
  • inside logo
  1. exterior long shot
  2. exterior purple
  3. exterior green
  4. exterior walkway
  5. exterior purple alternative
  6. inside hallway
  7. inside logo

About CMU - Entertainment Technology Ctr


For more info regarding CMU's Entertainment Technology Center program, visit http://www.etc.cmu.edu/


  • Production Manager: Noland Jenkins
  • Production Crew: Zach Calloway,Fran Gorman, Nate Grand, Patrick Hayes, Alex Stevens
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