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Coloring LED Lights for Concerts

LED’s have gained traction in the concert lighting world for their ability to create bright saturated colors. Color mixing LED lighting fixtures create color by a different means than conventional and automated lights. Additive color mixing is employed in most solid state lighting. Rather than diminishing unwanted colors, LED lighting instruments create color by adding more light to the beam. Conventionally, colored light is achieved by removing all wavelengths that do not contribute to the desired color, but in LED units, color results from activating and combining the output of discreetly colored LEDs.  Fixtures may operate on a system that employs 3 colors (RGB), 5 colors (RGBAW), or more colors in order to effectively mix nearly any desired color. Subtractive mixing can be applied to LED’s, but with caution. Cool White LED lights offer a very different CCT or color temperature than their tungsten counterparts. As such, consider using color filters specially designed to account for this disparity.

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