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Concert Lighting for Worship

Concert lighting lends a modern flair to the religious message. Adding vivid color to worship services is a great way to capture the attention of your community. Saturated colors have been a hallmark of concert performance lighting. Use lighting fixtures like PAR cans to create bright washes of color. Bold color filters placed in spotlights can be used to highlight specific musicians, soloists, or singers but these lights also work well for creating slashes of color across backdrops. Add gobo patterns to the ERS or profile spotlights to create textured light or to display a church logo or other image/text that supports your message. Automated lights, sometimes called intelligent fixtures, are very popular choices for worship lighting, especially for churches looking to draw more youth into their communities. These lighting fixtures can add dynamic elements such as color changing, color mixing, and movement. Many moving lights include internal gobo wheels that provide a variety of stock or custom projection patterns as well as the ability to manipulate the images with focus effects, rotation, and internal prisms for multi-image effects. The ability to reposition these fixtures from the control console, or via laptop and smartphones, makes them even more versatile for special events including:

  • Choir performances.
  • Spirit bands.
  • Worship music.
  • Community gatherings.
  • Weddings.

LED lighting instruments have found many uses in worship production. With low energy draw, and easy portability, these lights are often chosen for their flexibility to deliver near limitless colors for uses as diverse as wash lighting, background accents, and since they are inherently digital, they can also be used to create flash, strobe, and fade effects.