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Controlling The Intensity

The most common way to control the intensity of stage lighting is by an electrical dimmer. Stage dimmers have more electrical capacity than household dimmers. They are usually arranged in equipment racks, and the racks are placed in a mechanical room, isolated from the performance area due to the heat and noise generated by the cooling fans. Smaller, portable dimmers can be placed right next to the light fixture.

Lighting Control Console

In a modern dimming system there is one dimmer for each electrical outlet. Outlets are distributed throughout the performance space in every possible location you may want to place a light fixture. However, it is better to place the fixtures as needed for your event rather than place a fixture in each outlet. Flexibility is the key to a successful installation.

Lighting Dimmer Rack

Whether the dimmers are in a mechanical room or next to the fixture, they are controlled remotely. The dimmers are connected with a low-voltage, digital control wire to a tabletop control console. The operator of the control console will program or otherwise operate the console to control individual dimmers or groups of dimmers. The entertainment industry standard for the control signal is called "DMX." The dimmers can also be controlled by various styles of architectural wall stations when you don’t wish to use your main console.

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