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Highlighting Cultural and Religious Details at Weddings

Beautiful traditions abound in many wedding ceremonies. Cultural and religious details are part of many ceremonies and help make the day special for each couple. Excellent lighting for these special circumstances help guests appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each culture’s traditions.

A chuppah is a four-posted and canopied structure used in Jewish wedding ceremonies. It can be something as simple as four posts and a canopy held by friends or family, or as elaborate as a structure with heavy columns and beautiful tapestry. Lighting can play a significant role in illuminating a dark canopy or highlighting an important part of the chuppah, such as a sentimental piece of the cloth or the beautiful needlework of the tapestry. Our team will expertly light these areas while maintaining the dignity of the traditions.

The wedding mandap is a significant part of Indian weddings. It is a temporary structure of wood or other material that is covered with fabric and decorated with flowers, crystals, a fire box and other decorations as the bride and groom desire. Lighting is very important here because most of the wedding ceremony takes place within the mandap. You want your guests to witness each finely-tuned detail. Vincent Lighting experts will ensure that your mandap is beautifully lit on the outside, showing off the exquisite details you have chosen, as well as underneath, so that guests can see the ceremonies as they take place.

Roman Catholic weddings often feature a rite of offertory to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, with the bride delivering roses to the foot of a statue of Mary while she asks for her prayers. The Ave Maria is sung, and the bride makes her way across the altar to the statue of the Virgin and remains there while it is sung. This moment is usually very sentimental for the bride … a moment she will want to remember. Vincent Lighting experts will make sure both the statue and the bride are lit properly so the groom and guests - as well as the photographer - are able to capture the perfect memory of that special moment.

If you are planning a wedding in which you want to highlight a particular religious or cultural dimension, contact our lighting experts at Vincent Lighting today. We’ll make sure your wedding is as stunning and visually accessible as possible.