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Time to Upgrade Your Dimmer Processor?

Dimmer cabinets are the hidden workhorse of college theaters, high school auditoriums and performing arts venues. Usually tucked away in a utility closet or far off stage, they receive control signals from lighting consoles and architectural lighting controls to manage the flow of power to individual lighting circuits. They are easy to take for granted when working properly but can leave you in the dark when a failure occurs. It’s usually not necessary to replace the entire dimmer system; most systems can be restored to original or even improved functionality with a new processor rack.

Johnson Systems makes a wide variety of processor upgrades for older dimmers.

Johnson Systems manufacturers a wide variety of dimmer processor upgrades and other products to enhance older dimmer systems.


Indications That Your Dimming System Requires a Processor Upgrade

  • Random Flickering
  • Lost Data
  • Frequent system crashes requiring power cycling of the rack
  • Incompatibility with modern lighting consoles and architectural control stations

Think of your dimmer processor as the central computer in your lighting system. Most people replace computers every 3-5 years. While rack processors can last for decades, problems inevitably increase with the age of the electronics. On the subject of electronics, now is a great time to replace an aging control console. Newer consoles will help unlock the power of a new dimmer processor with features like architectural lighting management, access to network based control, and easy to use functions for moving lights and LED fixtures. Vincent Lighting Systems is experienced in helping our customers find the right lighting console and processor upgrade across a wide range of manufacturers and models dating back more than 30 years. 

VLS provides processor solutions for many brands of dimmers, including the CEM3 Control solution for ETC Sensor dimming systems.

Contact Vincent Lighting Systems to ensure your ETC dimmers are running the latest processor


Benefits of a Rack Processor Upgrade

  • Improved system reliability
  • Increased compatibility. Older dimmers operating on the analog AMX protocol can be upgraded to digital controls including DMX and network based control
  • Additional functionality for architectural controls
Upgrade to the latest C21 Strand Lighting Processor

Let Vincent Lighting Systems install a new Strand Lighting C21 Dimmer processor to get the most out of your dimming and control system.


Vincent Lighting Systems typically performs a dimmer rack upgrade in a single day, so you won’t have to worry about excessive downtime during the process. Whether you’re considering an upgrade based on age, compatibility concerns, or to increase functionality, a processor upgrade is a quick and cost-efficient improvement to your lighting system. Contact us today for help finding the right upgrade kit for your dimming system.