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A Celebration of Light in a time of Darkness - E-V Live at Terminal Tower

After months of planning, a desire to make a change, and a love for the city of Cleveland. We and a team of extraordinary innovators and creators brought an unprecedented concept to life.

From Concept to Completion

At the beginning of 2020, our team was desperate to bring light to the troubling times that were facing us and the entire world. In partnership with K&D Group, Tom Siko, President of Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS) began discussing ways in which to enhance their lighting and provide the Cleveland community with hope during these difficult times.

Watch the video below

Better Days at Terminal Tower - The Concept

In May of 2020, VLS partnered with the K & D Group and WOIO Channel 19 to take control of the lighting at Terminal Tower and choreographed the building to "Better Days" by OneRepublic. Video footage courtesy of WOIO/WUAB, Sean Mangan and Tom Siko. Lighting Designer: Kristin Jones

Making a Dream a Reality

When EDM performer, Hybrid DJ, and Artist, E-V expressed interest in doing a live stream from the 42nd-floor observation deck of the Terminal Tower, K&D Group reached out to VLS for a solution, one that had never been done before.

An Experience Worth Remembering

After three months of planning and logistics, E-V was scheduled to be performing from the 42nd floor outdoors with an integrated light show that would sync to his performance and provide viewers with an unforgettable experience with never before seen views of the Terminal Tower and the city of Cleveland. Photo courtesy of Churkh Photography

Watch the video below

E-V Live at Terminal Tower

CLEVELAND, Ohio - October 07, 2020: Lakewood-born Eric Vajda/ E-V is going live from the roof (the 42nd floor) of The Terminal Tower, Cleveland’s 52-story, landmark skyscraper located on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. A continuation of a E-V’s quarantine series to benefit local charities & showcase the city’s most special landmarks, E-V TV: Charity Live Streams. The one-hour long set will collect donations with 100% of proceeds to go directly to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. Recorded August 2020. Streamed October 7th, 2020

The Team

  • E-V
  • Guest Artist: Siena Bella
  • Camera Op: Spider Studios – Ben Schigel
  • DJ Lighting: Hardman Music – Chris Hardman
  • Drone Provider: Aerial Agents
  • Director, Editor & Camera: Owen Zubek
  • Camera Op: Drew Griffing
  • Producer: Gaby Schneider
  • Photography: Kevin Inthavong
  • Cameras: Sceneamatix
  • Poster Artwork: Glen Infante
  • Building Management: K&D Group
  • Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS)
    • Systems Integrator/Controls Specialist: Taine Gilliam
    • Lighting Designer/Programmer: Kristin Jones
    • Lighting Co: Tom Siko

About the Terminal Tower

Around the time when it was completed in the late 1920’s the Terminal Tower became the first skyscraper in Cleveland as well as the second-tallest building in the world at 708-feet tall. During the time it was completed, the building was initially used as a railroad terminal and included a hotel, a department store, and the U.S Post Office. Today, the Terminal Tower is occupied by various corporate tenants and serves as a luxurious residency for many individuals.

Over the years, the Terminal Tower has provided a beacon of light to the city of Cleveland and serves as one of their most iconic landmarks.

Learn more about the Terminal Tower Residences

About the Lighting

508 Color Kinetics ColorBlast Powercore luminaires wash the building to show off the terra-cotta facade and ancient Roman-style architecture. The fixtures are programmed from a Pharos Light System Manager with VLS Designed CoPILOT Architectural system.

Only when people use their power for good can something this legendary occur
—Aerial Agents—

Photos courtesy of Aerial Agents & Churkh Photography