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Eaton Performing Arts Center

Eaton, Ohio

For this new middle school theatre, our team met with contrators, reviewed the system design, created submittals and provided field service commissioning.

For dimming and distribution, Vincent Lighting provided emergency power transfer system, control console for the stage lighting, wireless remote focus control, onstage worklight controls, house walk thru stations, control room station, auditiorium stage manager's panel, auditorium usher's station, house focus station and power distribution.

To light the stage, we supplied a Lycian Midget HP followspot, PAR spotlights and worklights, Fresnel and ellipsoidal spot lights and striplights.

About Eaton Performing Arts Center


Consultant:  William H Lord Inc
Electrical Contractor:  ESI Electrical
Distributor: FD Lawrence Electric Co

VLS Team

  • Sales: Adam Hayward
  • Project Management: Lance Switzer
  • Service: Jacob Preston
  • Photos: Lance Switzer
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