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Filtering Conventional Lights for Concerts

Conventional lighting may include PAR cans to provide color washes and backlight, cyc lights to illuminate backdrops and cycloramas, and ellipsoidal or profile spotlights to provide specials and textures. Textures are created by filtering light through patterns and gobos. These templates work similarly to a stencil, rather than paint, light is transmitted through the open spaces in order to create imagery and texture to increase visual interest.

Conventional tungsten lighting fixtures are also colored through a process of subtractive color mixing. In subtractive color mixing, unwanted colors are absorbed by the color filter or gel as desired colors are transmitted through the media to light the concert stage. Color scrollers are often utilized to allow each fixture to change color as the internal gelstring is advanced and indexed in the beam of light. Scrollers may also be used to include beam shaping filters such as frosts and diffusions.

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