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Lighting Fixtures for Worship

Each fixture has specific qualities that lend themselves to unique applications such as long throw distances, soft focuses, wide coverage, and the ability to create textures.

Fresnel Spotlights

  • Stepped Fresnel Lens provides a soft beam.
  • Moveable Focus Train allows for spot / flood adjustment.
  • Use Barndoors fastened to the face of the fixture to control the beam.
  • Use Fresnel stage lights for Key Light, Fill Light, or Back light.

Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlights

  • Also called ERS, or Profile Spot.
  • Ellipsoidals create very directional beams.
  • Focus System allows focus between hard edge or softened beams.
  • Use with Gobos to create texture, imagery, and projections.
  • Shutters allow you to shape the beam and prevent light spill onto floors, walls, or video screens.
  • Use ERS lightng instruments for Key or Fill Light.

par lights

  • Inexpensive stage lights.
  • Lamps available with Very Narrow, Narrow, Medium, and Wide Flood beam patterns.
  • Wattages from 300-1000 Watts available to accomodate a wde variety of systems.
  • Useful for wide area coverage.
  • Control Spill with Barndoors.
  • Use PAR lighting insttruments for back light and accents.

Cyc Lights

  • Short for Cyclorama
  • Asymmetrical beams wash flat surfaces to enhance walls and architecture
  • Color Mixing models available.

LED Lighting

 Automated Lighting

  • Adjust the pant, tilt, and other attributes without climbing a ladder.
  • Indexing and Rotating Gobo wheels for texture and effects.
  • Color wheels and Color Mixing systems speed up choosing and changing colors.
  • Additional moving light features may include zoom focus for beam size adjustment, strobe controls, and UV effects.
  • Use for Key Light, Fill Light, or Back Light.
  • Useful in reducing the total number of fixtures required in a lighting system.