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Full Feature Lighting Desks

If your lighting system requires multiple DMX universes to accommodate large numbers of LED or robotic lights, then you’ll need to look at the full size consoles. The larger consoles often include outputs for thousands of DMX channels. They also include controls and displays that make programming simpler no matter the mix of fixture technologies in your lighting system. Color wheels, encoder wheels, and color presets for common gel colors make it easy to work with LED’s. Controls specific to your moving lights are a button press away and you can easily manipulate effects such as strobe, color chase, even build movement patterns from built in effects generators. Larger lighting controllers are also likely to support a wider range of control protocols including DMX, Artnet, MIDI, and multiple network formats. Beyond communication with a wide variety of stage technologies, full size lighting desks typically include provisions to communicate with common handheld technologies. Smart phone and tablet apps turn your device or laptop into a remote control for your lighting system. Many entertainment lighting control consoles also integrate with architectural lighting systems. This eliminates the need for hand signals, intercom chatter, or radio communications to coordinate house light operation between production staff and house staff. Larger consoles provide more tactile controls and simpler menu navigation than their midsize counterparts, which makes the full featured consoles simpler to program as you set levels, record fade times, and save scenes to cue lists and sub-masters. The precise control will satisfy the most experienced of lighting designers, but playback can be as simple as pressing the “GO” button, making these consoles very powerful tools even with limited training.

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