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VLS Internship Program




The goal of the Vincent Lighting Systems Internship Program is to help build the network, skills and professional development of aspiring professionals in the lighting and rigging industry. The program is a three-way partnership between the intern, Vincent Lighting Systems, and the educational institution that is sponsoring the intern. Vincent Lighting wishes to create an environment for the intern where they can experience all different facets of the lighting and rigging business and gain knowledge and experience in each. Most up and coming professionals need exposure to different career paths to better refine their educational and professional goals. Vincent Lighting also uses the internship experience to evaluate an intern as a potential member of our team once they have completed their educational journey. At the same time, Vincent Lighting is also working to provide the educational sponsor with a link to the public sector both for industry and market networking but also to bring the latest technical innovations and ideas back for use in the educational sector.


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Candidates for internship must be:

  • At least 18 years old by March 1st, 2019 or have parent/guardian approval
  • A US citizen, naturalized citizen or legally able to work in the United States
  • Be a current student, in good standing with at least a 3.0 grade point average at a university, college or other educational institution in a theater or visual design program. (note: high school students may be accepted for an abbreviated internship)
  • Have the written approval of a professor, instructor, or other staff member from the educational sponsor
  • Be able to find temporary residence (at the cost of the intern) near one of Vincent Lighting’s offices in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland or Cincinnati area.


Vincent Lighting Systems is desiring an internship that can be custom tailored to the intern’s educational break schedule. Ideally, a successful internship should last between two and six months depending on the intern’s desire for experience in the field. With coordination from the educational sponsor, Vincent Lighting will build this program around the situation for the intern. Vincent Lighting’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm. When the intern’s rotation within VLS moves to the rental and production department, there will be opportunities for site work after normal business hours and on weekends with advanced notice.



Vincent Lighting Systems has offices in Cleveland, Ohio, Erlanger, Kentucky (Cincinnati area) and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Based on the intern’s ability to secure housing, Vincent Lighting can tailor the internship program around any of our offices. It is encouraged that interns have local housing options, as VLS does not provide any type of housing as part of the program. It is also required that an intern have some form of reliable transportation to get to and from the office each day. At no time will Vincent Lighting expect that an intern use their personal vehicle to transport equipment or transit to/from a jobsite.


An intern at Vincent Lighting will receive compensation at or above minimum wage in the state of office location for the internship. There are no health care or other benefits offered as part of the internship program. An intern will complete a W2 and will have standard tax and other required withholdings deducted. Paychecks are issued every other week and may be made via direct deposit by our payroll processing company, ADP. The intern will be fully covered under Vincent Lighting’s worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance programs while they are engaged at work for Vincent Lighting.


Vincent Lighting will provide the intern with all required equipment and materials needed to complete their job including any safety equipment as outlined by OSHA. The intern is required to wear job appropriate clothing on their different rotations of the internship (ex: business casual for office rotation, work clothing and steel toed shoes for shop rotation). During their rotation in service and rental/production the intern will have the option to bring their personal tools with them to the office and/or jobsite. Note that Vincent Lighting is not responsible for lost/stolen personal items.



Vincent Lighting will work with the educational sponsor in advance of the internship to outline the requirements of the internship by the institution. The intern will be required to keep a daily diary that outlines the work completed during the day and any skills or new areas that were learned. As each educational sponsor has their own requirements, VLS is respectful of that and will ensure that the program meets and/or exceeds the requirements by the sponsor.


Because the goal of the Vincent Lighting Internship program is to provide the intern with a well-rounded experience of a theatrical lighting dealer, rental house and systems integration company, the intern will rotate around the company, working in all departments, including Project Management, Product Sales, Outside Sales, Rental & Production Sales, Rental & Production Field Work, Shop Operations, Lighting Design, Service, Project Finance and an optional Marketing track. Download the full Internship Program guide, to learn more specifics about each department.


Vincent Lighting Systems will begin accepting applications for the 2019 internship year, beginning January 16th. Candidates can submit a copy of their current resume and an internship application form, signed by both the candidate and a representative of the sponsor organization to Vincent Lighting, no later than April 10th.


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"The internship helped me to grow as a person and help focus on what I might want to do, when I graduate from college."

-Emily Hope