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Kentucky Product Team

Melissa Rapp

Inside Sales


Melissa Rapp

Although Melissa Rapp was born in Urbana, Ohio she moved several times during her childhood, making a good portion of central and western Ohio her home growing up. Eventually, she settled into Cincinnati. During her freshman year of high school, she was accepted into the School for Creative and Performing Arts, majoring in instrumental music. At some point, Melissa signed up to be on light crew for The Boyfriend, where she also worked to build the set. She was hooked. In her junior year of high school, her flute teacher told her to choose between pursuing music and theatre. We’re glad that theatre won.

Melissa attended Purdue University and the University of Cincinnati CCM. She worked at Kings Island, where she was pursued by the Rental Manager at VLS to apply for the Rental Shop Manager position. Persistence paid off, and Melissa accepted the position in 1995. A few years later, she left VLS to follow her husband to Florida, then Texas, where she was working for Texas A&M, Rudder Theatre Complex.

When they returned back to Ohio, she went back to VLS to work in the rental shop part-time. In September 2001, the Inside Sales position opened up, and Melissa returned full-time to VLS so that she could have a more stable position to accommodate caring for her young daughter.

Random Fun Facts

  • Melissa loves running followspot for live shows. From that vantage point, she likes that she can see almost everything happening on stage. Running well over 500 shows, she has become really good at it, too.
  • She enjoys being a Ms. Fix-It … except for plumbing.
  • Working in roadhouses and concert venues, Melissa has had the opportunity to meet the likes of Jimmy Page, BB King, The Moody Blues Joe Walsh and Marvin Hamlisch, to name a few.
  • She recently has been given the opportunity to go back to family roots and learn farming. Come spring, you may find her on a tractor on the weekends. She’s excited to learn more.


"It is rare that you find someone kind and helpful on the line when calling a company to place a first time order! Melissa Rapp is not only that, but has great knowledge. She followed with an email to help me complete the order on time."

-Susan Botek