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Kentucky Production & Rental Team

randy scheib

Production Manager


Randy Scheib

A native of Clearfield, Pennsylvania, Randy Scheib was raised in Indiana, Pennsylvania. He was bitten by the theatre bug in high school, and his first production working behind the scenes was on Scapino.

Randy attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Theatre. He interned at Wolftrap Opera in Vienna, Virginia. Prior to coming to VLS, Randy worked for the Community Arts Center in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He made his way to southern Ohio with his wife when she went to grad school. In 1995, Randy was hired in Vincent Lighting’s production department, and a little while later he was promoted to Production Manager, where after all these years he continues to receive numerous commendations for his talented designs and dedication to exceeding customer expectations.  In addition, Randy serves as President of the Cincinnati chapter of ILEA (International Live Events Association).

Randy’s favorite productions are large events in big spaces, but it doesn’t come without its challenges and added stress. Randy’s favorite gel color is Rosco 51 Surprise Pink. Hint: it’s not really pink.

Random Fun Facts

  • Randy’s dream job would be to travel the world (and get paid for it) like Rick Steves.
  • While interning at Wolftrap, he was an extra in a ballet. He’s thankful that he didn’t have to dance, and the pictures in that costume have been long lost.
  • Randy saw Jimmy Stewart at an unveiling of a statue in his hometown.
  • His personal life revolves around home and his family.



bridget nohalty

Rental Manager/Administrator


Bridget Nohalty

Bridget Nohalty was born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Jeffersonville, Indiana. So, technically, she’s from Kentuckiana. Bridget got her start in theatre at Providence High School; her first theatre teacher, Mr. Gilbert, was a major influence in her decision to pursue this as a career. Bridget’s first production behind the scenes was as sound board operator for Into the Woods. After the massive amounts of chicken squawks and baby cries sound cues, she decided that she preferred lighting.

Bridget attended Indiana University Bloomington, majoring in theatre, with a minor in music. During both high school and college, her schools rented equipment from Vincent Lighting, so she got to know the company well. During college, she interned for VLS. In 2005, Bridget was hired full-time.

Random Fun Facts

  • Bridget has lots of hobbies: photography, cooking, music and spending time with family and friends top the list.
  • Bridget is an avid poker player.
  • Her favorite gel color is Rosco 99 Chocolate, although she’s quick to admit that she was hungry while answering that question, which may have had an influence on her decision.





Joe BaileyJoe Bailey

Rental and Production Specialist


Joe Bailey joined VLS in 2016 as our Rental and Production Specialist. Joe was born and raised in Deer Park, Ohio. While attending Deer Park High School, Joe got involved in theater. This lead to him becoming the light board operator for Parkers, the schools variety show, which the school has been putting on for over 70 years. While working at a Deer Park event, he met up with some of VLS' Rental and Production team. Once working with the VLS team, Joe knew he wanted to continue to work in this field and expand his skills in lighting. 

While working on a regular basis with VLS, Joe is also attending Northern Kentucky University where he is pursuing his BA.





Rental Shop Manager


Larry Csernik

Larry was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He earned his BA in Theatre at Northern Kentucky University (NKU), where a mentor of his referred him to VLS. Larry started working part-time, then joined our staff full-time as Assistant Rental Shop Manager in August 2015; since then, he has been promoted to Rental Shop Manager.

When not on the job with VLS you might catch Larry at the Contemporary Dance Theater of Cincinnati’s Performance and Time Arts Series, where he is Acting Technical Director. Larry loves designing shows, and for the past few summers, Larry has designed shows at his Alma Mater NKU’s Summer Dinner Theatre at Thomas More College.

If Larry could have one super-human power, he would choose the ability to stop time. Larry says that having unlimited time at any given moment would open up a lot of opportunities and flexibility in terms of what he could accomplish. We imagine that this could lead to the largest to-do-list ever.

When Larry has down time, he likes to catch up on his favorite latest television series; he’s partial to the superhero series, like Arrow, The Flash and Gotham. On occasion, Larry indulges in psychological horror films too.

Random Fun Facts

  • Thinking of taking Larry to lunch? Larry’s a big fan of very spicy food; he holds Thai cuisine in highest regards.
  • Mansions of Madness is one of Larry’s favorite board games, which is a semi-role playing mystery board games based off of the literature of HP Lovecraft
  • If Larry could splurge on one must-have item, he would buy a high-end coffee/espresso/latte station. Sure the coffee maker he has right now does the job, but he could easily justify an expensive brew system as a worthwhile investment. We hope that, when he does invest in this equipment, he keeps it at the office, where his appreciative coworkers could enjoy a nice cup as well!
  • August 10th is a lucky day for Larry. Not only did he accept the Assistant Rental Shop Manager position on that day, exactly one year later to the date, he was promoted to Rental Shop Manager. 



Madelaine Newman

Assistant Rental Shop Manager


While attending Bowling Green University and working for a live production company, Madelaine found her passion for live productions and decided to focus on the technical aspects of both. Madelaine earned her Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Film Production and a minor in Recording Technology. Madelaine joined the rental and production team in August 2018. 





Production Specialist


Peter Martino - ETCP certified

Peter got involved in the entertainment industry earlier than most of us. His dad was a film editor and photographer, so they constantly had gear around the house, which Peter sometimes had the chance to play with. At age six, he was already hanging lights in a catwalk with his dad and running sound and lights, when he was allowed.

Although he moved several times growing up, Peter returned to his birth state to earn a BFA in Lighting Design at Michigan State University. He also became a member of IA Local 274 for overhire work. Peter worked at the Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, until he joined Vincent Lighting's team in 2014. Since then, he has earned both his Vari-Lite and CM Hoist Certifications.

In 2017, Peter earned his ETCP certification as Entertainment Electrician. The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) is an industry-wide program to recognize those who demonstrate both knowledge and experience in different areas, including entertainment electrician, arena-rigging and arena-theatre.

Random Fun Facts

  • When he gets a break from work, you can find Peter out mountain biking, skiing or watching sports.
  • Peter fell in love with lighting and music, when he went to a Springsteen’s E-Street Band Reunion tour. In fact, concerts are still his favorite type of show to light.
  • His favorite food is pasta. “It must be the Italian in me,” he responds. That probably also explains why he’d like to revisit Italy.




Rob Moyer

Production Specialist


Rob Moyer ETCP-EERob Moyer joined VLS in 2008. As Production Specialist, he works tirelessly to design, plan, install, run and strike lights for a variety of productions at all hours of the day and night. Rob also works to keep our equipment in top working condition. In 2018, Rob earned his ETCP certification as Entertainment Electrician. The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) is an industry-wide program to recognize those who demonstrate both knowledge and experience in key specialized areas, including electricity, rigging and portable power.