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Kentucky Project Team


adam hayward

Account Manager


Adam Hayward

For as long as he can remember, Adam Hayward has always had an interest in theatrical productions to see how the “magic” was done. In eighth grade, he was asked to work the curtains for their district musical, Hello Dolly. Watching the chaos backstage, he was hooked. Adam attended the University of Cincinnati CCM and also worked for Kings Island in Cincinnati for 13 seasons. At Kings Island, Adam started out as a stage technician and worked his way up to a supervisor in the entertainment department, overseeing the technical aspects of the shows.

Yearning for a change from the hectic production schedule, Adam saw a job opening in 2007 for Outside Sales at VLS. He decided that it was something different at which he wanted to succeed. He was hired and has thrived here ever since.

Adam still freelances for Kings Island, designing between 2-5 shows a year for the park. His favorite gel color is Rosco 99 Chocolate, because it can be used for many different purposes. Plus, who doesn’t like a gel called Chocolate? He enjoys working on smaller, lesser-known musicals. With smaller shows, he gets to know everyone better and it always seems like a better collaborative process.

Random Fun Facts

  • Adam loves spending time with his wife and daughter. He loves seeing his daughter grow in Tae-Kwan-Do, school and life in general. They enjoy traveling, spending time at the pool and enjoying life’s adventures.
  • Adam spent a year in high school dressed as a beaver named Townie, his township’s mascot, for the city’s bicentennial celebrations. Once in costume, he tried to lean back against a wall, only he missed the wall. For a second, the giant tail held him up, but not for long, and he fell straight back.
  • Working at Kings Island, Adam has had the good fortune to meet many celebrities; some of his favorites have been Ben Vereen, Barbara Bush, Michael W Smith and “Weird Al” Yankovic.
  • Adam enjoys trying different bourbons. It has become an obsession to try different types from different distilleries.


Jim Favret

Project Manager


Jim FavretJim Favret joined the Kentucky projects team in October of 2017. Jim works with our Account Manager and the other Kentucky office Project Managers in creating bids and helping to bring our projects to fruition. 

Jim is a Cincinnati area native. He attended Northern Kentucky University where he majored in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Radio-Television.







debra rettich

Project Manager


Debra Rettich - ETCP certified

Debra Rettich grew up in the Kentucky Derby country of Louisville. Like so many others, she got into our industry in high school theatre, which she affectionately refers to as the Land of Misfit Toys (we can relate). Her first production working behind the scenes was for Godspell. Debra earned her BFA in Theatre Design and Technology from Western Kentucky University. Before coming to VLS as a Service Technician in 2008, Debra worked with the folks at Bandit Lites in Nashville, as part of an internship and summer job.

Since joining the staff at VLS, Debra has earned her ETCP Certification as entertainment electrician. The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) is an industry-wide program to recognize those who demonstrate both knowledge and experience in different areas, including entertainment electrician, arena-rigging and arena-theatre.

Debra transitioned into the project department at VLS. What does she love most about her new position? She answers, “I love the complex design build projects that involve multiple manufacturer system integration. They require creative problem solving to find the most effective solution for challenges and give me the most satisfaction in seeing a project from beginning to end. We take pride and ownership of these installations.”

Random Fun Facts

  • Debra loves to read. She reads at least two books a week.
  • She could spend hours watching penguins at the aquarium. Her dream job would be sea otter keeper at the zoo.
  • Debra loves museums about anything cars, art, play, crime or even news.
  • Her family is central to her life, which includes her 7 year-old Great Dane, Olivia, whom you can occasionally see hanging around the VLS office.




trevor shibley

Project Manager


Trevor Shibley

Trevor Shibley was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio. In sixth grade, he got an opportunity to run the light board and followspot; he stayed with it throughout middle and high school. This led to his first theatre job at Kings Island, as followspot op at American Heritage Music Hall.

His experience took him to Carnival Cruise Lines, where he worked as Lighting Technician. Fresh off the boat from a cruise gig, he was looking for a full-time job and heard of an opening at VLS. In 2006, Trevor was hired full-time as Project Manager.

Trevor enjoys lighting concerts, as it’s easy to get into the groove with the cues. His favorite gel color is Rosco 83 Medium Blue, where he uses it on all his cycs. His favorite gel name, however, is Fatherless Amber by Apollo.

Random Fun Facts

  • Trevor worked on Animal Planet Rescue for Discovery Channel and assisted in the rescuing of animals after Hurricane Floyd in 1999, the fires of Los Alamos in 2000 and briefly in New York after 9/11.
  • Trevor is an Amateur Radio Operator. He has a flea market booth at the largest amateur radio convention in the US, Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio. He has participated every year since 1999.
  • Trevor finds old or abandoned buildings fascinating, mostly to see the old technology.



carolyn walsh


Administrative Assistant

Carolyn Walsh

A native of Dayton, Ohio many of you would recognize Carolyn by her friendly voice that answers the Cincinnati phones. Carolyn has earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree from Georgetown College. She is also a certified paralegal. Carolyn spent four years as area coordinator for Kentucky Special Olympics and also worked for Square D Company. In 1996, she was hired full-time as Administrative Assistant for Vincent Lighting Systems.

Random Fun Facts

  • Her dream career would be as a musician in a rock band.
  • She once dated a Harlem Globetrotter! (we’re pretty sure this elevates her to Uber-Cool)
  • She readily admits that she is that “Cat Lady” you heard about growing up.