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Kroger Corporate Office

cincinnati, oh

For several years now, Kroger, a grocery chain headquartered in Cincinnati, kicks off an annual Giving Hope a Hand Campaign to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research during the month of October by lighting their building pink. Vincent Lighting Systems makes this possible with large sheets of dichroic that our team installs onto the existing 1000W Mercury Vapor units.  VLS also does weekly maintenance during the month to ensure that the glass stays clean and the building stays bright and pink.

In 2015, in addition to adding the dichroic pink sheets to wash the building in pink, VLS was also hired to add a punch of light for the kick-off lighting. We supplemented the dichroics with Philips VARI*LITE VL3500 Wash and VL4000 Spot fixtures. We also worked with Zinsco to provide and install a 12'x40' LED screen with 50mm pixel spacing. This was integrated with Kroger's Sharing Courage site to provide live feeds directly to the screen, for survivors and others to share their stories of courage in facing breast cancer. RGB provided the video integration.


  • VL3500 fixture w/bldg
  • VL3500 fixtures
  • Installing the LED screen
  • Installing the LED screen
  • The LED screen
  • Kroger Building - Cincinnati
  • Join Kroger's Team
  • Look Up
  1. VL3500 fixture w/bldg
  2. VL3500 fixtures
  3. Installing the LED screen
  4. Installing the LED screen
  5. The LED screen
  6. Kroger Building - Cincinnati
  7. Join Kroger's Team
  8. Look Up

About Kroger Corporate Office



Client: Kroger's

Graphic Design: Zinsco

Video Integration: RGB

vincent lighting team:

Adam Hayward, Project Sales

Trevor Shibley, Project Sales

Randy Scheib, Production Manager


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