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Kent State University Basketball

Kent, Ohio

The Athletics department at Kent State University called on the VLS Production team to utilize lighting and a special Kabuki drop to build excitement around the pre-game festivities for their basketball games. Production Manager Derek Hons and his team used over 300 feet of truss to hang lighting and four “walls” of a 120-foot double Kabuki drop. At precisely-timed cues, the drop – which was gathered up ahead of time into the truss – released to display (4) 30-ft high “screens” that our friends at NPi Audio Visual Systems utilized to project an exciting video display. At the finish of the show, the Kabuki then dropped off of the truss to the floor and quickly removed off the court, for the game.

The VLS Production Team used Clay Paky B-Eye, Sharpy Wash and Stormy strobe fixtures to add exciting moving lights, effects and strobes before and throughout the game. 28 chain hoists securely raised and held the truss structure in place. All of the lighting and elements were controlled by a Grandma II console.

Go behind the scenes, and read more on what it takes to coordinate a show like this!

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About Kent State University Basketball


Equipment Used

  • 300’ truss
  • 120’ double Kabuki drop
  • 8 Clay Paky B-Eyes
  • 8 Clay Paky Sharpy Washes
  • 8 Clay Paky Stormy Strobes
  • 28 chain hoists
  • Grandma II console

VLS Team

  • Production Manager: Derek Hons
  • Lead and Programmer: Scott Latham
  • Systems Tech: Dylan McFarland




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