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A Crash Course in Lighting

Just as no two performances are exactly alike, there is no one proper way to light a stage or performance area. Think about all of the different performances that exist: lectures, concerts, operas, musicals, dramas ... Now think about all of the places where these performances can take place: tents, theatres, churches, arenas, even outdoors. Fortunately, there are simple lighting design techniques that can help even beginners to get proper lighting for their productions. This guide will give you an overview of the jargon, techniques and ideas used to light a performance.


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Note: This guide is intended to give you an understanding of the lighting process to help get you started in the very basics of lighting. It is for a learning tool only, and is in no way, meant to be substituted for training in lighting and electronics.


Understanding the Jargon

The General Purpose of Lighting
The Differences Between Fixtures
Controlling Your Lights
Correct Placement of Lighting Fixtures
Adding Color and Texture
Additional Reading and Resources