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Lighting Instruction 102

The field of entertainment lighting was once limited to theater, film and television, but has grown to include retail display, photography, education, worship services, corporate events and trade shows. This article will provide some of the basic principles and techniques of entertainment lighting. We refer to entertainment or stage lighting in general terms, to pertain to the varied applications mentioned above. Of course, there is more than one way to approach entertainment lighting. However, what follows is basic lighting theory and practice that is recognized by our industry.

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Functions of Stage Lighting
The Qualities of Light
Stage Lighting Placement
Controlling the Color of Stage Lighting
Controlling the Intensity of Stage Lighting
Additional Reading & Resouces

About the Author

John J. Rankin Bio PhotoA native of Omaha, Nebraska, John J. Rankin (1961-2007) graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts with a BFA. He worked for numerous regional theatre companies, including Youngstown Playhouse and Playhouse in the Square in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1994, John was hired as Project Manager for Vincent Lighting Systems. As the company expanded, he was promoted to Project Department Manager, overseeing the entire Project Department team. His keen analytical mind and attention to detail allowed him to design and successfully manage the installation of many theatrical lighting control systems around the Great Lakes region.