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Lighting Control

Lighting desks, control consoles, controller boards, everyone needs to know what to look for in a new console. Light Boards are available in a wide variety of sizes and with varied feature sets. The best lighting console for your venue or production can be determined depending on factors such as the size of your lighting system, the knowledge of your operators, and the modes of access required. Whether your crew consists of professional technicians or novice volunteers, there is a console that will address your needs and requirements. If you are adding a new control board to an old system, you’ll want to be sure of the control protocol required by your existing equipment. Most new consoles output DMX or DMX plus network data, but older dimmers may be operated on an analog standard called AMX. Many small portable dimmers employ control protocols which are specific to individual manufacturers. If the existing equipment cannot be upgraded to the modern DMX standard, then a translator or converter will be required to assure trouble free communication throughout your entertainment lighting system.

Manufacturers realize that different feature sets will be attractive to different groups and organizations. Depending on the size of your venue, the inventory in your lighting system, the requirements for integration with particular technologies, and the need for auxiliary controls, we’re sure there’s a console to suit your purpose. VLS offers console training to help your church, theatre company or venue staff learn how to best utilize the technology. We’ve found that high school students, who have grown up in the digital world, pick up the menu structures and commands very quickly as full size consoles operate very much like purpose built PC computers. We’re happy to answer your questions on console choice, training, and systems integration.