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Lighting Production & Project Services in Michigan

Vincent Lighting services the entire state of Michigan through our Detroit location. Our staff can provide lighting help to any part of the state and can maintain and repair your current lights.

Types of Lighting

Our large inventory of lighting systems that are available for purchase or rent, is well known. Our staff can assist you in choosing the types of lighting you’ll need for your specific event. Perhaps you only need lighting for a one-day event, like a wedding, or maybe you need lighting for an extended period of time. No matter the situation, we can help any situation through lighting services. Types of lighting we provide are:

Types of Budgets

Whether your allotted budget is restricted or has a cushion, we can help you! As we said before, we offer items that are able to be rented in lieu of purchasing, which typically assists many of our customers fulfill their goals while staying cost-effective.

We already have a reputation for creating happy customers in Michigan, and we hope we can help you, too! Learn more about our Michigan lighting services location by contacting Vincent Lighting. We’ll do our best and respond as quickly as possible.

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"Chris, I've heard really great things about all of the crew members that we had at the Detroit Debate. I was unable to be onsite, but I've heard the crew was extremely knowledgeable, polite and a pleasure to work with. Thanks! Look forward to working with you again."

-Philip P.