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Lighting Production & Project Services in West Virginia

Since 1978, we’ve provided professional event lighting to the Mountaineer state. Vincent Lighting serves West Virginia through our Pittsburgh lighting location.

Types of Lighting

Some events won’t work without lighting, such as a play or production, while others, like a wedding or holiday party, are simply enhanced by lighting. We can provide lighting services to either of these situations, while adding a unique feel to your venue. Our extensive inventory of lighting includes:

Types of Budgets

Whether you’re one person putting together and event or working with an entire crew or committee, we will do our best to understand your budget. In our more than 35 years in the industry, we’ve met people in a variety of financial situations. It is rewarding to assist different venues and events with lighting. If your budget is tight, lighting rental might be a great option for you. Rental options are also beneficial when it comes to storage issues. Customers have the ability to purchase what they need if they desire.

We care about our West Virginia customers and their events. Contact us with any questions regarding our lighting services. We look forward to working with you.

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