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Lighting Project Services

Larger lighting projects, such as renovations and new construction, often have many components - and lighting vendors are constantly introducing new products. This gives the end-user many choices, but makes a systems integrator necessary. As systems integrators, Vincent Lighting Systems specializes in creating a system of products from the best manufacturers that will work together to meet your current and future needs at a price you can afford. Our lighting experts will coordinate between manufacturers, engineers, consultants, contractors and end users, ensuring fantastic results from beginning to end.

We are here for you, even after the sale through our highly trained and experienced service team.  Our service team will commission your system and provide training so that you get to know the equipment you have and who are our technicians.  After training, they are here to offer 24/7 phone support on any product we sell and some we don't.  They can handle any warranty or non-warranty issue that may arise and can be brought to your venue for routine maintenance or repairs. 

Our company is designed to help you throughout your lighting system’s life cycle. Check out our equipment rentals, production services, and products for services we can provide after your initial installation.