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Church Lighting Repair and Maintenance Services

VLS has highly-trained service technicians who are able to support a wide variety of church lighting and control equipment. They have been factory-trained in system repair and restoration by multiple manufacturers. VLS offers in-shop or on-site servicing of most dimming systems, control systems and lighting fixtures.

We also stock parts for most popular lighting fixtures. VLS will assist church personnel with everything from a broken lens in a spotlight to replacement motors for moving lights. We always have in stock:

  • reflectors
  • lamp sockets
  • connectors
  • control knobs

Whether your church lighting system is still under warranty or is a bit outdated; our staff can identify problem areas, then recommend and perform repairs and retrofits to extend the life of your lighting system. Contact us for help in maintaining or improving the lighting system in your worship center.

If you have recently been hired as the new technical director or need a refresher on the operation of a new control console, give us a call. We can provide a quick (or in-depth!) training session for you and your volunteers to get everyone up-to-speed.