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Lighting System Power Distribution

Having ample and reliable power for your event poses unique challenges, whether you’re filming the latest blockbuster or hosting an elegant party at a historic (but not quite up to code) mansion. Vincent Lighting specializes in making sure your shoot, event or other power need is met with no interruption.

If you already have a good grasp of the level of power you will need, we can provide exactly what you request (for example, a Crystal Blimped, Crawford or MQ generator). If electrical distribution and temporary power is a new concept for you, we’ll help you find the best solution. When you hire us to light your production, we carefully consider the equipment that we’re providing and the location’s power supply, ensuring you have the power you need … all while being quiet, efficient and power conscious.

If your event is power-critical (for example, would an outage create a disaster at your event?), don’t leave your power questions up to anyone other than the experts at Vincent Lighting Systems. We will establish what kind of power you need and provide a generator or backup power until your electricity is stable. We can take care of your power distribution requirements, no matter how big or small.

Contact the power distribution specialists today at VLS, we’ll get you wired and ready!


"Thank you to all of you. Today's shoot went very well, and the ask was a very tall order for everyone involved. You all stepped up to the plate, and I couldn't be more grateful for your efforts and talents to get this production in the bag."

-Josh E.