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MA Lighting dot2 Consoles, Wings, and PC + dot2 Node4

Enjoy the ease of MA Lighting software in a compact console or on your PC.

Available in three console models or the PC + dot2 Node4 option, every product in the dot2 lighting controller series delivers intuitive work flow. Patching fixtures is practically effortless. Their Direct Hints feature prompts you to utilize the software and controls for maximum efficiency and creativity. The onboard help function allows you to find answers to your questions quickly. dot2 consoles and controls are compatible with MA lighting's dot2 3D visualizer software, allowing pre-visualization for programming and realtime feedback during playback.

Whether you choose the free dot2 onPC, dot2 Core, dot2 XL-F, or dot2 XL-B- you're getting access to powerful lighting control software. Everything from managing cuelists to creating effects is straightforward and easy to understand thanks to well organized menus and intuitive operation. Direct fixture access and generic control tools combine to help you program better light shows in less time. Trouble with blocking cues? MA Lighting dot2 software is smart enough to help you get it right. 


Reliable German Made MA Hardware


Appropriately named, the MA lighting dot2 Core is built to deliver the MA Lighting experience in a compact lighting console. It may be the smallest light board in the dot2 series, but it shares the same ease and power as the 2 larger models. In fact, the larger consoles, the dot2 XL-F and dot2 XL-B, can be seen as dot2 Core consoles with a fader wing or button wing already mounted to the chassis. Aside from the number of faders and playback buttons, these lighting desks are all created equal.

Each dot2 lighting console includes 4 X DMX outs (5pin XLR) to control 4,096 outputs. Additionally a dot2 Node4 can be used to provide 4 universes of control. An ethernet jack allows additional control via dot2 net, sACN, or ARTnet. Add an additional monitor via the DVI-D connector. MIDI I/O is standard.

Inputs include 3pin XLR jacks for timecode and audio sync, an analog remote jack, and a DMX input jack. Ethernet and MIDI in / out can be configured as necessary.

For convenience, all dot2 consoles include a 4pin XLR jack for a gooseneck worklight and 3 X USB ports.

Build on the power of dot2 with Expansion wings

B-Wing expansion wings add 48 playback buttons to your control surface; the F-Wing provides 8 additional faders and 16 playback buttons. Both wing models include an integrated touchscreen. Since they connect via ethernet, wings may be located remotely for backstage controls, tech tables, or other applications where access is needed from a location other than than the control booth.

Pre-program with dot2 onPC, Add a dot2 Node4 to use it as a standalone console or a tracking backup lighting controller.

MA Lighting's free to download dot2 onPC is a powerful offline editor to preprogram light shows for playback on dot2 consoles. Combine it with their (also) free dot2 3D visualizer for a complete lighting design studio. To use the PC based lighting control software as a backup console or standalone console, just connect a dot2 Node4 to your computer. It will allow dot2 onPC to control 1,024 DMX outputs, providing a DMX out jack for both universes.