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Martin Professional Lighting At The VLS Open House

Martin Professional LightingMartin Professional Lighting has unleashed a string of in-demand lighting products. From their Professional grade MAC moving heads, to their compact RUSH series fixtures, concert and theatrical lighting designers have taken note of the new possibilities made accessible by these pioneering new lighting fixtures.

In addition to the automated moving lights, they demonstrated their new strobes at the VLS Open House. The Atomic 3000 LED is available with a white or color mixing LED engine, allowing you to mimic traditional xenon strobes or take your flashy lighting effects to the next level. The new RUSH Strobe CWL can be used as an audience blinder or strobe. The compact design makes it an easy fit for smaller venues such as cruise ships, bars & clubs, even mobile DJs.

For the architectural market, Martin showed off their RUSH Gobo Projector 1. This low profile, LED image projection fixture is perfect for retail environments, corporate lobbies, and restaurant & club lighting. Use it to project company logos, seasonal greetings, or whatever imagery you can think of to enhance your message or environment. It is even has a built in rotator that lets you control the speed and direction of spinning gobos for attention-grabbing projections.

Martin’s control solutions were also showcased. They have added the M-DMX as an accessory for PC based lighting control. It’s an RDM compatible dongle that provides 2 universes of DMX and compatibility with all of Martins PC based controls and M-Series consoles. Their M-Touch controller works as a hardware accessory to their M-PC software, providing a physical control surface that reduces the need to use a mouse and speeds up programming. Connect it to a laptop running M-PC for instant access to 1 full universe of DMX that outputs from the rear of the M-Touch control surface.