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Mid-Size Lighting Consoles

Mid-size controllers bridge the gap between simple preset boards and more sophisticated controllers. Mid-size light boards are often referred to as memory consoles or computerized consoles. This designation refers to their ability to save information specific to each scene in your show. Rather than manipulating faders during the performance, the console operator presses a single button throughout the show to continually advance through a stack of saved scenes. Programming midsize controllers can be cumbersome as there are typically a number of menus to navigate and multiple button presses involved in the process of setting levels and saving scenes. A common criticism of midsize desks is that it can be difficult to program the board when using a mix of conventional and LED or automated luminaires. Dimmer channels are often controlled from separate operation modes than LED fixtures and an additional mode may allow control of intelligent lighting instruments. The mid-size class of consoles is a good fit for venues and institutions where a more knowledgeable staff can program the console and a less experienced crew member can press the go button during the production, worship service or other event. Most midsize controllers will support a full universe of DMX control.