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Monogram Lighting at Weddings

Make your wedding reception unique with specialized lighting. Even a few simple enhancements can offer an enchanting, personalized look.

Many couples choose to project a monogram, a meaningful quote or a unique message to set the perfect scene. Shine a custom pattern in front of your entrance, behind the bridal table, or onto the dance floor and walls. Many newlyweds opt to shotlight their initials in an elegant script. Others want a custom photo or drawing to go with their names. For an added touch, you can even have your monogram put into a moving fixture, which will pan across the room throughout the evening.

Pattern projection relies on an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight to project a one-color or multicolor image. Also known as gobo projection, this style is fairly inexpensive. The image is etched into either a steel or glass circle, and when the night comes to an end, the gobo can be given to the bride and groom as a keepsake of your special day.

Contact our Vincent Lighting experts to help you choose an elegant and personal lighting effect to personalize your wedding.

"Derek, Thank you for all of the work that went into the lighting for my reception. Everything looked amazing and I really think the lighting enhanced everything so much more. The purple uplights were perfect and we got so many compliments. Thanks again!"