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Moving Lights for Worship

Whether you know them as intelligent lights, moving lights, movers, or even wiggle lights, these luminaires have made a big impact in worship lighting.  Moving Lights allow you to adjust the pant, tilt, and other light attributes without climbing a ladder. 

Some automated luminaires fall under the Profile category and create spot beams similar to ellipsoidals. These fixtures often include zoom optics which allow you to change the beam spread. They will also include a wheel that allows you to choose from a number of gobos- some even include 2 gobo wheels and rotation capability to animate your lighting.  Most include a prism effect to add dimension and enhance movement. All intelligent fixtures will include either a color wheel (where you can pick from various colors) or a color mixing mechanism which allows you to create custom colors by adjusting cyan, magenta, and yellow filters. 

Automated wash lights will provide beams more similar to PARs  or Fresnels for softer beams and wider coverage. These lights include all the pan/tilt, color, and strobe controls that you’ll find in profiles.  Some even include zoom capability. Many of the newest moving head fixtures combine spot and wash capability into a single fixture. Since these types of fixtures can be easily refocused to cover multiple areas, they may help to reduce the number of fixtures needed to light a stage, and will increase the versatility of your church lighting system.