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Museum Exhibits/Displays

What Can Vincent Lighting Systems add to Your Lighting setup?


VLS provides a bridge between the lighting designer, owner, contractor and other key team members, to provide knowledgeable equipment and systems input. Our experienced and certified team can assist in the execution of the design concept. We work with consultants and in-house exhibit staff to provide lighting options for in-house projects.

Product Specification for new builds or retrofits

With selections from over 100 top-rated entertainment and architectural lighting and rigging equipment manufacturers, the VLS team taps into our experience and shares our knowledge, to provide you with equipment ideal for your needs and budget.


Having a theatrical approach to lighting and control systems means that our team chooses dual purpose fixtures to provide excellent exhibit lighting as well as dynamic "event" lighting for after-hours special events. Versatile lighting also allows flexibility for traveling exhibit areas; you're not limited by track lighting.

LED lighting upgrades

Want to upgrade your existing exhibit lighting into energy-saving LED? Our team is experienced in providing high-quality LED options to give you the right light with future maintenance and energy savings.


Our diverse team can provide ongoing education, training and support for operations staff after day one/opening. Our rental inventory and experienced production team can supply you with temporary lighting that can work with your existing system or stand-alone for separate control.

Systems Integration

The VLS team pulls together the right products that will work with new or existing controls, to provide you the look and operation you want.

Thinking of adding to -- or renovating -- your museum lighting? Contact Steve Arnold for a free consultation.