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Open House - January 22 - 26, 2018


We had a record-breaking 40th Anniversary Open House Week in January. In case you missed it, here's a quick recap of the items on display (and some of the fun photos) during the event. Feel free to visit any of the manufacturers' websites for additional information on these products, or contact us for details and pricing.




ACT Lighting Clay Paky MythosMA Lighting .dot2 console; MDG; Robert Juliat; AC Power; ChainMaster
Altman Lighting PHX - LED Profile Spots, Spectra Cycs, Gallery Wash and Spotlights, Chalice downlights, Pegasus LED Fresnels 
Apollo Design Technology AVERE 3, 3S, 3COB, MR16, 4, 4UV, 5, 6; scrollers, rotators; gobos; gel; accessories
Chauvet Professional Ovation E-910FC, Ovation E-260WWIP, Maverick MK2Profile, Maverick MK2Wash, Chamsys MQ80
City Theatrical Qolorflex LED Tape and Dimmers, DMXcat, Multiverse Wireless, SHoW Baby, Qolorpoint Wireless Uplighter
Philips Color Kinetics  ColorBlast Intellihue FTA, EvenBalance Essential White Powercore, PureStyle Intellihue
ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls Ion console, S4WD, ColorSource
GLP - German Light Products JDC1 Strobe; Impression GT-1; Impression X4 BAR 20; X4 atom RGBW; X4 Atom Free Connect
High End Systems SolaFrame Theatre, SolaFrame 750, Full Boar 4
LEX Products PCS Trio Touring Rack modules, Evergrip PowerCon Extensions and Break-outs, Bento Box
Robe Lighting Robe Parfect 150, Robe LEDBeam 150, Robe DL7S, Robe DL4S, Viva CMY, Spiider, Spikie, Patt 2017, pixelPatt
Rosco Labs  Pica, Miro and Braq Cubes, Opti-Sculpt, Image Spot LED gobo projector, RGBA Ribbon Tape
Philips Strand Lighting NEO console
Philips Vari-Lite VLZ Spot, Profile, Wash; VL1100LED
TMB Solaris, Nuri Lites, IMS, ProPlex Distribution, WDMX
USHIO/Zylight Aladdin BiFlex 1, BiFlex 2, A-Lite, Eye-Lite; Rayzr7 300B Bi-color Fresnel; USHIO Uphoria retrofit lamps, Sai-300 LED followspot; Zylight F8-200D Fresnel; Pro-Palette Cyc Wash

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