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Lighting Products From Vari*lite, Strand, Selecon, And Showline

­­­Philips Entertainment GroupThanks to the Philips Entertainment Group, our Open House guests were treated to demonstrations of equipment from ColorKinetics, Strand Lighting, Selecon Lighting, Vari*lite, and Showline. The products on display during our VLS Open House Week events highlighted the strengths and applications of each company’s unique offering of lighting and control products.

Strand Lighting showed off their newest development in the way of a mid-size moving lights control console called the 500ML. It’s a mid-price console with an extensive feature set that includes 24 playback faders (they can also be programmed as master or submaster faders), 4 rotary encoder wheels, and a built in 8 in touchscreen. Whether busking, running from a cue stack or a combination of the two, the Strand Lighting 500ML console is a great tool for programming and controlling medium to large size lighting systems that include a mix of dimmers, LEDs and moving lights.

Open House guests were also treated to demonstrations of Vari*lite’s heavy-hitting VL4000 BeamWash. With the press of a button, this moving head luminaire can switch between three operating modes to function as a wash, beam, or shaft light fixture. The power (43,000 lumens) and versatility make this automated fixture perfect for a wide range of event lighting, concerts and musicals.