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Pinspot Lighting for Parties & Events

You’ve spent countless hours choosing the right centerpieces, fabric and food. Don’t let all those carefully selected details get lost in standard ballroom house lighting. Pinspots are an easy and effective way to highlight the important elements of your event. For example, a classic reception enhancement involves hanging a small pinspot spotlight to illuminate the floral centerpiece on each table, a lovely addition to any venue, highlighting the work of your talented florist.

In addition to the flowers or centerpieces on the dinner tables, there are a number of other areas to illuminate. Highlight the head table or where the guests of honor will sit, as well as buffet stations, dessert bars or even gift or memory tables. Proper lighting adds to the ambiance of any party, making even simple details seem extraordinary.

Contact the party lighting experts at VLS today to learn more about pinspot spotlights for your party.

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