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Playhouse Square Theatre District

When Cleveland's Playhouse Square district wanted to distinguish its theatre district and encourage more people to visit, even on nights when shows weren’t playing, they called on The Barnycz Group to analyze the space and create a new design. After touring the complex, Danny Barnycz had one big vision: to bring the beautiful architectural elements and magic that happens inside on stage to the streets outside. The Enhancement Project imagined outdoor stages, gathering spaces with an oversized fireplace and a larger-than-life sign, a throwback look to the 1920s era, when the theaters were originally built. To create an elegant entrance into this special neighborhood, they designed gateway arches over the connecting streets and added the crowning jewel marking the heart of the theatre district: the world’s largest outdoor chandelier, to emulate the beautiful fixtures in the theater lobbies.

Since the first renovations in the early 1980s, Playhouse Square has relied on Vincent Lighting Systems to provide quality stage lighting to the theaters that dot Euclid Avenue. For this project, they knew just who to contact for lighting, programming, dimming and controls for these new elements.

Utilizing decades of large-scale lighting experience, Paul Vincent worked with The Barnycz Group and lighting designers JK Design to manage the project which included exterior signage, an outdoor stage at US Bank Star Plaza, and the giant GE Chandelier that straddles Euclid Avenue.

The Retro-styled, stick-built "PLAYHOUSE SQUARE" sign combines a classic look with modern technology. Vincent Lighting provided 48 ColorKinetics ColorBlast fixtures and a control system for the entire sign. VLS technicians taught the house staff how to control the outdoor lighting system from a convenient mobile device app. The lights that shine on the support scaffolding behind the illuminated letters has the ability to change and pan through an infinite array of colors.

VLS provided ETC outdoor LED fixtures, ETC controls and initial programming & networking services for the outdoor US Bank Star Plaza stage.

Also a financial partner, GE Lighting provided LED fixtures for their namesake GE Chandelier. An enormous outdoor attraction for residents and tourists alike, VLS designed and implemented the control system for the crowning glory that emulates the historic fixtures indoors.

Beyond the exterior lighting, VLS also helped Playhouse Square update their theatrical lights & lighting controls for many of their theaters and lobbies. The Ohio, State and Conner Palace stages all received dimmer electronics upgrades, new lighting consoles and networked control systems. The State and Conner Palace replaced their follow spots with Lycian Xenon spots. VLS also provided the State with a houselight upgrade, including new dimmers and architectural lighting controls. The lobbies for the State, Conner Palace and Ohio Theatres received updated lighting controls as well, provided by Vincent Lighting Systems.



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About Playhouse Square Theatre District


Owner: Playhouse Square

Project Manager: Paul Vincent

Electrical Contractor and Installer: Zenith Systems

Lighting Designer: Jay Winter, JK Design Group

Project Concept Designer: The Barnycz Group

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